Who we are

Let us introduce ourselves

Rainbow Star for Youth

We are a youth focused organization.  We are not your Team or Club coach, your manager, nor the owner of the Club/ Team you belong to. We are an independent service provider with the focus on youth development through tourism, education, languages, and sports. 

Our programs cover a broad range of youth development activities offered locally and internationally. We believe that through sports, the future is unlimited. 

We use technology as an enabler to enhance the development of the youth thus we work with all sports development organizations as we compliment their programs. We compliment and enhance the work of a coach.  

We build profiles of players so that they are noticeable in the international sports marketplace. We promote cross sports events across countries, tertiary institutions. 

Parents can now better understand their girls and boys how they are progressing in their sport development, no need to wait for the coach to inform you.

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